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Meditating Zen Panda.

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I've been looking for the origin of this image.

I found Google image search quite unhelpful.

I'm guessing is either the origin or likes to watermark images like 9gag does.

Anyone have any other sources?

i love zen panda!!!! my favorite panda picture in the whole world. a living happy pooh bear, panda style

Mine too, Connie. I got this image originally from you! :)

And I now I can visit him in my pandas stash anytime. :)

Meditating zen panda practices 60 second meditation and 2-minute meditation.

I see this iamge and wonder, "What's going on between those adorable ears?"

It's Zen, so... NOTHING. :)

Not even ....?

More thoughts of bamboo than crickets. :)

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