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Peter Thiel's 3 Rules for Starting a Business |

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His preferred combination is, "high trust people with a structure that provides a high degree of alignment… People are rowing in the same direction, and not by accident."

How do you achieve the right culture? "One factor dominates all others," according to Masters' notes. "Whether the founders are aligned with each other... is key both in terms of structure and company culture. If the founders are in sync, you can move on to the rest of the equation. But if they aren’t, it will blow up the company. Nothing will work."


Founder alignment is really, really hard.

I'm guessing lack of it kills half of all Startups.

One thing that bugs me... I've seen Thiel extol Delaware C-corps in multiple places... but why specifically Delaware? Nevada's C Corps are just as unencumbered as Delaware's, closer to California, and have fewer arcane procedures as Delaware's Chancery Court.

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