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Rebecca Sedwick Suicide: Parents of Alleged Cyberbully Blame Facebook Hack

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the fact that it keeps happening is the worst part, and i do feel parents play a role in educating children/adolescents - BUT ARE NOT TO BLAME, because once teenagers develop enough awareness of opinion, if they can ACT on their own volition, then they should know the consequences and be able to control themselves, and are thus left to their own devices.  We can't control everyone.  The fact that they are minors is the ONLY thing protecting them.  

Are there cyberbully laws for adults? Or does this fall under the category of assault?

I think the use of 'Stalking' attempts to cover psychological attack, since 'Assault' is physical.Actually are there Online Stalking/Bullying/Aggravating precedents to demand a law?  The child cyberbullying came out of the real effects that web has on them.

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