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Fragments of time: the wild, messy state of smartwatches

Fragments of time the wild messy state of smartwatches The Verge


We've lusted after smart watches for so long that we've melded the two words into one utopian noun: a smartwatch. 2013 has been an undeniably good year for smartwatch enthusiasts. From the successful Kickstarter project that gave birth to the Pebble to Samsung and Sony's most sincere efforts to commercialize the category, the buyer's choice has never been wider. And that trend's only set to continue, with Nokia, Google, Apple, and Microsoft all actively eyeing the wearable device category.

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2013: Not quite ready for primetime. Just upgrade your smartphone instead.

2014: We'll see, but probably still not ready.

Give this market 12-18 months to simmer.

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