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Exotic Scents Made From Re-engineered Yeast

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No longer will we have to denude the vanilla tree and squeeze the anal glands of civets to procure exotic fragrances. Now we brew them like beer!

"Evolva, a Swiss company, is about to start marketing yeast-made vanillin, the main component of vanilla. It is also working on saffron, now obtained mainly from crocuses grown in Iran."

Something about this company's name .... 


"But critics say the technology threatens the livelihoods and exports of developing countries. “They are going after pockets of tropical farmers around the world,” said Jim Thomas, a researcher at the ETC Group, a Canadian technology watchdog.

Rick Brownell, an executive at the Virginia Dare Extract Company, a leading supplier of natural vanilla based in Brooklyn, said 80,000 farmers in Madagascar, one of the world’s poorest countries, grow vanilla beans."

Perfume that smells like beer? Bad. Perfume that smells like bread? Good!

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