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Roman Krznaric on How to Find Fulfilling Work - YouTube

Source: YouTube Video

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"There's a rising expectation of work being more than just about a salary."

We change our jobs on average every four years. There's no longer such thing as job for life.

Beware the lure of personality tests. They don't tell you what you should do.

Decision: become a high achiever (specialist) or a wide achiever (generalist).

Cool phrase: "Radical Sabbatical"

Spend an entire year trying out unusual jobs.

thanks for all the inspiration. Will take your advise on radical sabbatical ! 

You are very welcome. It's the first time I've heard of that idea, but I think it's a good one!

And it makes a lot of sense. Been thinking about it all night & reflected on what I want to do. The time pressure on the job sometime doesn't allow us to think too much into the future. Delivery of the next month, quarter & year keeps becoming a ritual and really long term goals keeps being just that - a long term dream. 

If you spend all your time working directly on what's in front of you, you never have time to consider other options.


Finally did it. Quit a day job and promised myself to spend an entire year trying out unsual jobs & starting my own company. As I did this realising that there is so much to life that just sitting in a cubical. 

Even though we have never met, you & Adam Grant have been the biggest influence in my professional life & I do intent to meet you sometime face to face to thank you. 

Thanks for everything. 

Does fulfilling work mean we're doing something more, something better, different or is it simply acquiring the means by which we can then enjoy and experience many things, as Al Pacino playing Tony Montana in Scarface said:

"Is this it? That’s what it’s all about, Manny? Eating, drinking, fucking, sucking? Snorting? Then what? You’re 50. You got a bag for a belly." 

I think it's up to each person to decide what is most fulfilling to that person.

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