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WYSIWYG editor focused on content sharing -

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Just want to see the community opinion on the project.

Seems like a good start but I'm not familiar with why, in 2012, there is no good WYSIWYG JavaScript library in GitHub that's free and available for anyone to use.

Is it because it's a really hard problem?

My attempt with actions-editor is to create a component, which will be used in social publishing situations. Most of the publishing right now is content reuse. So features like link and image embedding are very important to encourage people to publish. In actions-editor it all happens on paste - one click.

Second point is cloud integration. It is important to save images to the cloud right away. I'm still thinking how to properly package this component, but it will be the whole vertical.

I checked few existing editors. TinyMCE is pretty much the father of them all. These are good at supporting text editing like lists and highlighting. Content reuse and embedding is awful. TinyMCE require 7 (seven) clicks to embed an image. Somehow they all trying to mimic MS word in one way or the other...

I might end up borrowing something for text editing and continue on with content embedding.

To your question if it's really hard problem. Not really, but I do expect some browser compatibility issues.

There are some corner cases, when the content is being saved to the cloud, but the user already left the editor.

Great job, would like to see the end product :).

I recently tried out jHtmlArea WYSIWYG editor. It is reasonable during HTML content reuse and you might want to check it out.

Kainar, great to see on pandawhale. Thank you for the feedback!

Yep, jHtmlArea is nice, but I just tried to embed the link and the process with popup and three clicks will not work. I think I will use this one or something similar as the basis and add my features on top.

You can look at it live, on, when you create the instructions and editing action description block.

Thanks Sergey.

Sounds good, I will definitely check it out and let you know.

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