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Advanced Git: Graphs, Hashes, and Compression, Oh My! - Marakana

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�'But why?', you may ask. 'Why go this deep?' Git is a tool that works so well for so many. It mystically corrects anticipated "merge" conflicts. It�s "where did code come from" results from "blame" are impressive. The ability to re-write history through "rebase" is awesome. The globally unique identifier nature of a hash-produced ref is revolutionary.


"Uber-geeks are magic-slayers. We want and need to know precisely how things work. Like a hard 50 push-up workout, this study will make working with Git at the daily developer level a fraction of the effort � like a mere ten push-ups. Let�s dig into the guts of Git."

How does Git work so well?

Great software is like magic.

I think it's also github embracing the notion that every application will be social.

Who could imagine super-useful, profitable, social tool built around a command line utility.

I don't think anyone could have predicted how successful GitHub ended up being.

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