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Where can I learn programming online, and what language should I learn first?

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I love the article by Lifehacker, Programmer 101: Teach Yourself How to Code.

When people ask me what language they should learn as a first language, I say the Web is the best way to learn programming:

JavaScript is the language of the Web.

Want to go further? See Mashable's collection of 4 free places to learn programming online.

Note to n00bs: Java is not JavaScript!!

To all my 106ers, where else are good resources for people learning to code?

I'm also partial to CodeLesson.

Their classes are not free but in my opinion paying for personalized online instruction is well worth the money.

The founder of CodeLesson Jeffrey is now on


Rolling around GitHub is a great way to learn by reading others' code.

Thanks for posting this. Always a good idea to add one more thing to my skills!

Actually, the HTML5 class at is quite good... Now, let's do some thread killing. :)

Here's a link to their Introduction to HTML5 and CSS course.

On the other hand, Peter Norvig makes a compelling case for teaching yourself programming in ten years.

This is a nice collection from Mozilla on JS:

Good collection, Ed; Thanks! I also like Stack Overflow's best resources to learn JavaScript:

And for the person who wants super-advanced JavaScript skills, this is a great resource worth reading:

I like Stack Overflow as a source for learning. Try to do something, realize you can't, find answer in Stack Overflow.

- Mozilla's P2P School of Webcraft:

- Zed Shaw's Learn Python The Hard Way (for total noobs):

- Koans in Ruby and Python: learn to program by fixing a series of failing tests. and

I want to edit my comment for proper formatting! *sob*

Laura, you'll get the ability to edit comments early next week. Maybe sooner!

I'm surprised there's not an open-source, in-browser curriculum, in Javascript with live code in-page, going in tiny linked steps from programming fundamentals through all sorts of current applications.

I'm surprised, too. I believe sometime in the next decade someone will develop one. Khan Academy could use a second vertical besides the maths. :)

Still haven't seen anything better than LPTHW:

LPTHW does seem excellent, and there are a lot of other great Python learning resources, too.

I've always been a really big fan of The content on it is awesome. Look along the left sidebar for all of the languages there are tutorials for. is also awesome. If you like programming in C++. (it was actually the 'textbook' for my intro class in undergrad)

EDIT: The sparknotes of learning to program in different languages: That site is AWESOME!

Tizag is nice but they have not updated the content in a few years. I wish they'd add HTML5...

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This entry is strange.

What makes it strange?

@ifindkarma @lmeadows I tried to sign up for this site called, but it said "i didnt hv invite" #stymied #weird

Ok, I sent you an invite. :)

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