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Eric Schmidt on self-driving cars' biggest problem: They obey speed limits

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Would technophobes really accept them? “Depends on how drunk they are,” he cracked.

Even if I'm sober, I can do stuff on iPad while it's driving me around. How awesome is that?

Plus, self-driving cars can (in theory) safely operate at higher speeds than can a human driver, particularly if all the cars on the road are self-driving.

I think that in 10 or 20 years speed limits on highways will be raised significantly, and that the main concern will be speed vs fuel efficiency. People with more money than time might routinely choose to travel I-5 at 100 mph. You could make a business trip from SF to LA almost as quickly as by plane (door-to-door), and be able to work the entire time.

That's efficient!

I'd actually love that. My own chauffeur, and it goes as fast as possible regardless of how distracted I am.

Speed limits should be like overclocking. You should be able to set a +5%, +10%, +40% overclock, but setting it voids your warranty and if you melt your computer components, you are out of luck.

Same with speeding.

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