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Driverless Cars Would Reshape Automobiles *and* the Transit System

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If you had a driverless car on call, would you even need to own one? Maybe they would be like super Uber...

In the 3 years since you wrote this, it's amazing how many people no longer want to own a car.

The technology just needs to catch up with those people.

I want to live in this world:

Transportation-as-a-service models could really take off in a world of hyperoptimized robotaxis. Not only would the robotaxis be built differently from normal cars, but people's private vehicles (if they had one) would change as they realized how they could use the new system more effectively.

I love the concept of "Transportation-as-a-service" and I wonder if this will be huge for Uber in the future.

Brad Templeton's list is thought-provoking:

Range is much less important

Battery problems are considerably reduced

Refueling is not usually done while humans travel

Single passenger vehicles will be much more common

Reverse and face to face seating

Windshield requirements are different

Cargo space is not necessary in all vehicles

Acceleration is not a big requirement

Speed may not be that important

Cars may be much lighter

Suspensions can be super-soft

In time, safety concerns change considerably

The in-car environment changes considerably

Sleeper cars


Parking is not a problem for the humans (or society)

Many car owners may rent out their cars

This really could change society as we know it.

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