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How giraffes sleep ...

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I wonder if the giraffes above are looking for secrets within.

oh glorious zebra butt tell me your secrets meme ostrich Imgur

"Occasionally, and only for very short periods of no more than 5 minutes, giraffe can sleep with their head resting back on their rump.  But this is an extremely exposed and vulnerable position, hence the brevity and rarety." -- Giraffe Conservation Foundation

Normal resting giraffes:

sleeping giraffe

Giraffe that wants to kiss you for setting the record straight:

kissing giraffe meme

these images of baby giraffes sleeping all curled up are UNBEARABLY cute!

note to self: must include this in a children's book!

(They look like yours truly at the end of a bender.)


Yeah, who knew baby giraffes sleeping are as cute as cats?

cute tuxedo cat sleeping like a baby giraffe imgur

awwww...  is that your cat, adam?

Yes, her name is Coco, after Coco Chanel.

She's also the first photo on this page:

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