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Is your left boob bigger or your right boob? Take that data and factor it into a proprietary algorithm.

Lingerie and algorithms: Big data comes to fashionLingerie and algorithms: Big data comes to fashion | PandoDaily

Yesterday one of the original data driven clothing startups, True&Co, announced its own line of lingerie.  The company helps women pick bras that will fit them well by asking questions like “is your left boob bigger or your right boob?” It then factors the information into a proprietary ‘algorithm’ that tells women the best bra brands and sizes to wear.

Founder, Michelle Lam gathered more and more data eventually surveying 200,000 women to feed an algorithm that would recommend the best brands for a woman to wear depending on the state of her chicken wings, whether her boobs hang low, wobble to and fro, and what bras have fit her well in the past.

The data approach to fashion is compelling because if the trend expands it will allow people to get tailored versions of all their basics, without having to shell out the cash.  Some day in the future, you may not have to compromise on clothing just because you’ve got a J-Lo booty with weirdly skinny calves and can’t find jeans to fit you.

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I believe in customization but I'm not a big believer in this company, strangely enough.

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