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Is Jen Selter's bum real or did she have butt implants?

is Jen Selter's bum real meme hot pink yoga pants Instagram Imgur

This photo is from an homage to Jen Selter:

Jen Selter Instagram:

Jen Selter Twitter:

You can also see Jen Selter in Vanity Fair:

is jen selter's bum real meme hot Vanity Fair black lace photo Imgur

Below we ask the question: Is Jen Selter's butt real?

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Kara Brown from Jezebel writes:

I tried to ignore this woman for as long as possible. I really did. The first time I heard the term "butt selfie" and later, "Queen of the Butt Selfie," I knew nothing but frustration and eyerolls would come from me learning more about either of those things. So I drew my mind far, far away from this human and her butt selfies for as long as I've been able.

There is, of course, always a last straw. When I heard that Instagram celebrity Jen Selter was featured in an issue of Vanity Fair and being lauded as the first Instagram celebrity to score such a gig, I knew that the camel's back had not only been broken, but completely demolished. Now, I honestly can't say I'm too surprised by all this. It is, after all, Vanity Fair. Their main concern and focus is stated right there in the title. But the fact that this Jen Selter character is getting some sort of stamp of approval as Queen of the Asses is unacceptable and I'm here to set things straight.

Kara Brown goes on to analyze Carimah Townes' article "Vanity Fair's Big Butt Story Rejects People Of Color," and in doing so states that:

To act as if this woman has kicked off a 'butt trend' is not only inane, but also beyond incorrect...


Erica Kennedy explained this beautifully in a 2010 article titled: "How J. Lo's Ass Changed the World." She wrote:

Black and Latino people always appreciated a healthy badonk but before J. Lo, white folks weren't trying to get ass implants. Before J. Lo, mainstream media was not giving props to the junk in anyone's trunk. Before J. Lo, there were not Eye Candy chicks making a living off their (faux) asses. Before J. Lo companies were not selling butt pads in one-stop booty shops.

This, my friends, is what truth looks like. This is the literary embodiment of YAAASSS.

We can get even deeper with this if you'd like. Because all you have to do is look at songs like Sir Mix-a-Lot's "Baby Got Back," Destiny Child's "Bootylicious" (which was actually a term originally coined by Snoop Dogg) and literally half the rap songs from the 90s and 2000s.

Okay, so first off, thank you Kara Brown for setting the record straight.

Secondly, thank you J-Lo for popularizing this trend.

is Jennifer Lopez bum real hot Imgur

Jen Selter employed America's callipygian obsession to get lots of followers on Instagram:

is Jen Selter's bum real meme hot selfie Instagram Imgur

Oh. My. God. Becky. Is that butt real?


Here's the more arty version of Jen Selter's booty that Vanity Fair published:

We Need To Talk About 'Butt Selfie' Queen Jen Selter

So it's a fair question to ask: Is Jen Selter's booty real?

What follows on this page is research done on the Internet.

For science.

And for the benefit of Jen Selter fans and booty fans everywhere.

Muscle and Fitness interviewed Jen Selter in January 2014:

By now, most of you will have seen Jen Selter in our sizzling gallery, and now the rarely-filmed Internet celebrity is speaking out. In a recent interview, the 20-year-old squat princess sits down with Barcroft TV to talk about her passion for fitness and the world's newfound passion for her physique.

"I never thought my butt would be, like, this sensation," says the New Yorker.

Selter knows that her popularity on Instagram (she has over 1.8 millions followers, and counting) makes her a target for naysayers, but she had this simple message for those who do not believe that her figure is not all natural:

"I get 'fake butt', 'butt implants', 'Photoshop', I can go on and on. It doesn't offend me. I know my butt is real and it's hard work. You can't fake fitness, so I will take it as a compliment," she says.

So there you go. By Jen's own admission, her bum is real, thanks to hard work and lots of squats:

is Jen Selter's bum real meme just do squats Instagram hot photo Imgur

Khloe Kardashian says hers is real, too. LOL, those look like implant outlines to me!!

By the way, Jen Selter now has over 3 million Instagram followers:

She also has half a million Twitter followers:

So you can inspect these photos yourself, for science.

Or we include some below if you're too lazy to click on the links above.

is jen selter's booty real meme hot tight dress Imgur

is Jen Selter's booty real meme hot ass selfie instagram Imgur

Jen Selter gifs also demonstrate that her bum is real:

Jen Selter yoga pants gif proper fit booty hot ass Imgur

Imgur comments call her butt "gluteus magnificent":

Jen Selter bum real gif Imgur hot squats gluteus magnificent

Jen Selter booty real gif Imgur hot fitspo jumping jacks

Does Jen Selter have butt implants?

No, says :

Does Jen Selter have buttock implants? Plastic or cosmetic surgery? She denies it, and I tend to believe her. Jen Selter’s body (and specifically her booty) have undergone major changes as she has become more and more tone over the past several years. I see no obvious sign of plastic surgery.

Jen herself tells Daily Star that she works hard. Really really hard:

"When people accuse me of having butt implants I giggle and take it as a big compliment.

"But really the haters just make me stronger and give me a goal to work towards.

Surprisingly still single, the 20-year-old has revealed the gruelling workout regime it takes to keep her curves in check.

Rather than risking a surgeon's scalpel, Jen sticks to her rusty regime of intensive cardio, squats and weights.

Call it fitness inspiration or "fitspo", but Jen's booty is due to hard work and a great attitude.

is jen selter's butt real meme fitspo hot booty Imgur

Here's an interview with Jen Selter:

This Reddit thread seems to think Jen Selter has had butt implants:

jen selter butt implants meme 2010 2014 Imgur

That Reddit thread also says she's had plastic surgery:

Jen Selter plastic surgery meme Imgur

Nonetheless Jen Selter herself insists that her butt is the natural result of hard work.

The queen of the belfie is from Long Island:

Jen Selter is the next Jillian Michaels:

Jen stays in shape thru a combination of Genetics (good genes) and Jenetics (hard work).

Conclusion: Jen Selter works real hard to stay in shape. Genetics + Jenetics.

Kate Upton and Katy Perry, both fake racks.

What I want to know is... does she have someone following her around all day, every day doing nothing but taking photos of her butt!?!?

Sure does look that way.

More Jen Selter in this homage to her:

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