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A Real-Time Simulation of Global Births and Deaths

A Real Time Map of Births and Deaths James Hamblin The Atlantic


In 1950, there were 2.5 billion humans.  Today there are just over 7 billion. In another 30 years, according to U.S. Census Bureau projections, there will be more than 9 billion.

Brad Lyon has a doctoral degree in mathematics and does software development. He wanted to make those numbers visual. Last year he and designer Bill Snebold made a hugely popular interactive simulation map of births and deaths in the U.S. alone—the population of which is on pace to increase 44 percent by 2050.

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There's too many men, too many people making too many problems.

By the way, the big data world population visualization is hella cool.

Technology is primarily d3.js, a javascript library by New York Times graphics editor Michael Bostock. A larger version, with more coding and data source information, is on this Google Drive.

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