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Tens of billions of Earths, just around the way

Roughly one in every five sunlike stars is orbited by a potentially habitable, Earth-size planet, meaning that the universe has abundant real estate that could be congenial to life, according to a new analysis of observations by NASA’s Kepler space telescope.

Our Milky Way galaxy alone could harbor tens of billions of rocky worlds where water might be liquid at the surface, according to the report, which was published Monday in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences and discussed at a news conference in California.

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When in this ongoing search for extraterrestrial everything does the burden of proof shift from the believers to the skeptics?  Life has been on earth for half it's existence, social life for a tenth of that.  Seriously, what are the odds.  Next life I'm gonna have a space dog.  Or maybe a space monkey.

Or maybe be someone else's space monkey! People would make great pets to superior beings.

Oooh yeah!  I bet in a random sampling you couldn't even teach one of us to do trigonometry... I'd make a great space parlor trick monkey!  I could wear a tux and pop out of a music box holding a tiny chalkboard!  Maybe if I drunk drive a pickup truck on remote highways of New Mexico or Australia enough I could even do that in this lifetime!

Great remix of The Lorax with "We'll Make Great Pets", Geege.

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