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5 things that (sometimes) unfairly get a bad rap:

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Curious to hear people's thoughts/experiences...

Nagging, Time pressure, Gossip, and Anger all do seem to have their place in our lives.

But this one really struck me:

Stress might increase lifespan: "People are being given rotten advice to slow down, take it easy, stop worrying and retire to Florida. The Longevity Project discovered that those who worked the hardest lived the longest. The responsible and successful achievers thrived in every way, especially if they were dedicated to things and people beyond themselves."

So basically, keep driving hard until we die?

Because having a mission and purpose you want to work on gives you something worth looking forward to each day?


Retirement is lethal.

Success is correlated with a long life.

Meaning in life and company morale are brothers. They're both generated by the same feelings.

I'm beginning to believe that nothing is all bad (or all good!).

Everything has a place in our universe. Everyone has a part in this play.

It's all interconnected.

Stress is not the same as working harder and is a dangerous comparison. People can work hard joyously and passionately or freeze up with fear and stress. Check out Inner Game of Stress if you haven't already.

I think anger gets such a bad rap because most people don't know what to do with it, and turn it into resentment or self-hate.

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