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Look at the stars

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Neil deGrasse Tyson talks about the same thing. A kid from NYC thought the night sky in PA was like the Planetarium...he also mentions the other problem which is that the sky could turn into a wallpaper if you see it every night without the wonder.

See also The Most Astounding Fact in the universe:

Ever use Star Walk, an augmented reality iPad app that labels the night sky?

Or is it better not to label everything?

i love calvin and hobbes. i don't think everything needs to be labeled...doing it all the time probably hurts our brains somehow.

i do enjoy his most astounding reminds me of

Great video, Jared.

I also have noticed that anything awesome that has been said has also been plagiarized on Facebook somewhere.

In our context:

I have an undergraduate degree in philosophy. Then I read Calvin and Hobbes "There's Treasure Everywhere"...

it neatly summarizes most of Western Philosophy and everything I learning in that degree into three of four panel segments.

Total reading time? A couple hours...

It summarizes Western philosophy but without attribution,

Is there something else I can read about those connections?

For example see this Quora answer on Calvin representing predestination and Hobbes representing human nature:

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