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The Singular Waste of America's Healthcare System in 1 Remarkable Chart - Matthew O'Brien - The Atlantic

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Great graph, shows very clearly we are not within the normal range of a developed nation, for our cost to outcome ratio.  The only argument would be if everything in our country was so much higher than any other country in the world, but that is not the case.  It looks like we should be paying about half of what we are currently paying to join the pack of other developed nations.

Yeah, too bad the conversation has become mired in politics (read lobbyists).

So how does a continental, multi-cultural empire compare with friggin Sweden?  I'm always amazed at how people constantly make these false comparisons and pretend they're equivalent or even remotely meaningful. If you want to make US/Eurozone comparisons... make it a US/Eurozone comparison or break out individual US states. Which states are pulling the US off of the curve?  THAT'd be interesting information.

State by state comparison, that would be interesting ;)

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