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A rare image of a flying peacock

A rare image of a flying peacock
11:10 AM Nov 27 2013

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I didn't even know they could fly!

It looks more like a launch than a flight!


I trust the source (National Geographic) but it would be good to have an explanation of this.

They usually fly up into trees or onto roofs before nightfall.  Or at least that's what the peacocks at my local park do. 

Maybe it's to avoid potential predators while they sleep?

Maybe. I need to do more research. Whatever the cause, it's rare. 

I prefer my pheasant medium rare...

OK, maybe what's rare is photographers catching them flying?  

Come out to my park any day at dusk and you'll see them take wing:


Yes, they do fly mostly to get high up away from predators when they are not housed for the night or when frightened during the day. They are real fun Birds and great company. We had six on our farm and I miss them.