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What a great example of a product, which is probably good, but elaborated in awful, large company style.

My geek head wants to try it.

My consumer head wants to run away.

BTW, 2001 called, they want their phone back:)

It seems these companies learned nothing from Apple...

I have no idea what this product does but I'm mesmerized by the video illustrations.

Well, there is a common problem of getting the phone to provide time/location/context relevant information.

It is a very good problem to solve. It seems Qualcomm has something about it...

The introduction video is killing the product already.

lol.. check out the 'Security' guy... I think they brought Tom of Finland back from the grave for this one.. lol

On the pitch critique side, I think they could have started at 1:38 with "Meet Samatha".

I think technologies like this have to battle with the ever-increasing press that is out there educating consumers about the importance of data privacy. This app just extends the ability for consumers to be creeped out by automated systems knowing more and more about intents, and every movement.

Furthermore, don't we have faculties in our brain for dealing with patterns, rituals, especially as they are tied to where we are currently located.

Personally, I live in my hometown, and I know it very very well. I don't need to be reminded a pizza store is nearby, and I don't rent movies, I Netflix (another "hello! 2001 calling"). I think this idea is a marketers wet dream but that it is SUPER overkill for the way people want to live their lives.

The summary: it assumes consumers say: "Yes I want to be tracked, I want my every location known by this app because they showed me a nice cartoony safe, and yes I want all of this to happen so I can save a few cents on transactions."

Definitely a solution trying to create a problem.

Dave, You are absolutely correct. It's not only creepy to get a push notification to buy pizza because I bought pizza 2 weeks ago. It's irrelevant to me. My patterns are more complicated than this...

Instead of making it inspiring and fun and exciting, they created a video, which is creepy to consumers and "marketers wet dream". They completely lost, why they are doing it.

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