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What NOT to read as an entrepreneur:

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Agent of Truth says we should vigilantly filter what we read:

The amount of information we create every year is now in the zettabytes, which is 10 to the power of 26. Frankly, a lot of that information sucks.

Case in point, Twitter, the blood of the internet, is testing a new feature that will curate your feed automatically based upon previous web page visits. This change is the catch-22 of a successful internet company: incredibly viral, scalable, addicting, and often full of irrelevant information...


While information is being created at an explosive rate, quality is definitely not correlated. Not everything we put on the internet is a gem. For an entrepreneur, there are endless opportunities to learn be distracted. The high amount of noise makes it difficult to delineate what is valuable and what is not.

Here is what I would avoid reading on a daily basis to save your time and mind for things that matter: Mashable, TechCrunch, BusinessInsider, Forbes Blogs, Engadget, Gizmodo, Lifehacker, BusinessWeek, and NewsWeek...

Essentially his point is that though each of the tech blogs may have an occasionally high-quality post here or there, most of their posts are just plain not worth reading.

Instead, he recommends reading the blogs of high-quality growth hackers like Dan Martel, Andrew Chen, and Hiten Shah.

To that I add the blogs of Gabriel Weinberg, James Altucher, Fred Wilson, Brad Feld, and Eric Barker.

Anyone else I should add to a list of recommended, high-quality blogs for daily visiting?

Yup. I'd add James Altucher's blog to the list. He covers the human as well as practical aspects of entrepreneurship better than anyone I've seen.

i have grown into a fan of James

Great, I added James Altucher's blog.

Anyone else I should add to a list of recommended, high-quality blogs for daily visiting?

Pandawhale. Hacker news. Techmeme. WSJ popular. NYT popular. Rick Reilly.

I'm much too lazy to visit peoples blogs. When they have good posts, I feel like they make their way around the Internet, :)

The challenge of an entrepreneur is getting out of the bubble; hearing from a variety of sources keeps my thinking fresh.

Also, I'd encourage entrepreneurs to spend an afternoon once every few weeks in Barnes and Noble reading magazines and books...

Between PandaWhale, Hacker News, and Techmeme alone, I'd never leave the house.

So much good stuff to read!!

My google reader is filled with awesomeness...half of it security related. I do find that a lot of SV folks are bubbled in for their news/content...I think the good old NYT is a good start for each day (plus The Daily Show!)...

"And while I think reporters should always be hunters (someone has to hunt), it has clearly never been a better time to be a gatherer. Given my former life, I was highly skeptical that services like Twitter, Facebook, Techmeme, and the like would be enough to give me the full overview of news in any given day. But they are.

And I now try to contribute back to that system by linking to things I read and feel are worthy of sharing as well. Previously, I would have tried to hoard such bits of information like Gollum with the One Ring. Now I take pleasure in gathering and sharing them.

All of this makes me much more bullish on social sharing and curation sites and much more bearish on centralized content hubs that seem to think more is more. I can’t think of one site where I read each and every piece of content they produce — no, not even TechCrunch. Nor do I ever stop at any one site anymore to see what’s going on."

So MG Siegler has gone from journalist to curator?

What a fascinating evolution.

Managing the distractions is a category larger than what you read, of course. A large part of my strategy is to slot blog reading into time windows ... Rolling out of bed, evening unwind, etc. Allowing it into the work day is just a slippery slope to distraction for me..

I'd add Fred Wilson - and Brad Feld to the daily ready for some no BS views on the business of tech.

Thanks Leslie -- I've added them to my list. I like Bakadesuyo, too!