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Who Is The Real Bitcoin Creator Satoshi Nakamoto? One Researcher May Have Found The Answer | TechCrunch

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The Internet did something strange last week:

When a researcher named Skye Grey posted a detailed analysis of textual biases in the writing of shadowing Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto and a researcher named Nick Szabo at George Washington University, the interest was muted but optimistic. Did Grey, who declined to go into much personal detail, crack the code? Or was it, as always, just a matter of lucky conjecture.

Whether or not Satoshi is a real person, group of people, or some sort of government entity is important. It gives closure to the currency’s origin story and it can confirm or deny a whole host of rumors and innuendo bandied about in the fringier corners of the Bitcoin market. If BTC were a way to get us out from under the government, why is Satoshi so secretive? While Grey’s analysis is still being proved or disproved, the process, in the end, is fascinating.

I guess there's no hope of remaining anonymous in a 2013 world, eh?

They always suspected it was him. He saw the original article and took it upon himself to continue on using his unique tools.  You'll note that those unique tools are limited to only those who are involved in the crypto research community.  Doing it generally is still a little ways off, but not far. 

Why did he even try to be anonymous?

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