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Facebook IPO Shows Extreme Corruption, McNamee Says: Video - Bloomberg

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the scenes behind ipo process

This is a REALLY good video, thanks for posting. The money quote at about 15:00 ❝ Apple's antitrust case, when it comes, will involve people's in ability to do commerce on the ipad and iphone without going through an app that pays 30 points to Apple... ❞

Yes, I was wondering how long Apple can get away with taking a cut of all those iPhone and iPad transactions without another payment system as an option.

And I agree, great video, Fred. McNamee is fearless.

Roger McNamee: "[The Facebook IPO] exposed, in my mind, the extreme corruption in the capital formation process and really on Wall Street itself... NASDAQ's behavior on this, in my mind, borders on criminal. I think Morgan Stanley's behavior borders on criminal."

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