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Mitt Romney's past actions will hurt his future.

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Henry Blodget writes:

According to statements Bain filed with the SEC, Romney was the "chairman, CEO, and president" of Bain from 1999-2002.

According to Romney, Romney left Bain in 1999 and had "no input on investments or management of companies after that point."

Beyond determining whether these statements are accurate -- or whether Bain misled the SEC or Romney has been misleading the public -- the reason this issue is important is that Romney wants to disavow responsibility for anything Bain or Bain companies did after early 1999...


Eh. It's about a month too early for this to be a damaging story. If it came out anywhere after mid-august, it would have an impact on the race.

We're not done yet.

If you want to destroy this sweater, hold this string as he walks away...

what a classic line. almost forgot about weezer.

Thanks Fred!

Meanwhile, Mitt Romney's repeated claim that he played no part in executive decision-making related to Bain Capital after 1999 is false, according to Romney's own testimony in June 2002, in which he admitted to sitting on the board of the LifeLike Co., a dollmaker that was a Bain investment during the period.


The Boston Globe on Thursday called into question Romney's claim that he left the private equity firm in 1999.

Seeing as how he continued to be the sole investor in Bain post-1999, only an idiot would have no input as your investing hundreds of millions of dollars into companies. He did not have to run the business day to day to set strategic direction, approve all investments, etc.

Wait a cotton picking second.

Mitt Romney has $100 million in his IRA?!?!?!?!

That's disgustingly gluttonous when half of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck.

It's one thing to have $100 million. It's another to have it in your IRA.

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