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If You're Lucky, Watching This Video Will Give You a "Brain Orgasm"

How to Have a Brain Orgasm Julie Beck The Atlantic


For many of her fans, Maria’s voice causes a sensation the Internet has dubbed ASMR—autonomous sensory meridian response. Those who get ASMR describe the experience as a tingling inside their heads, or a head rush. Sometimes the sensation extends down their backs or limbs. It’s often referred to as a brain-gasm, but counterintuitively, it’s also supposed to be relaxing, a mellow feeling. Some people watch the videos to help them sleep at night. And even without the tingles, it is sort of relaxing, if you can get past the dissonance of someone whispering in your ear while you scroll through Twitter in your cubicle, or whatever.

Aside from whispering, some of the other things that can trigger the sensation include tapping or scratching sounds, the sound of rain, or white noise. And it’s not just sounds: People report getting ASMR when getting a haircut, or an ear exam—any kind of close, personal attention.

According to Maria, the way ASMR manifests is different for everybody. First, there are two types, Type A and Type B. Those with Type A are said to be able to cause ASMR through meditation, or just thinking about a trigger, while Type Bs need to actually experience the trigger. Maria also says that the tingles vary in strength.

“The strongest type of tingle…feels like sparkles or little fireworks going off,” she says. “The strongest one would give you the feeling of being exhausted, pleasantly tired, satisfied almost you want to say. Then there are much less strong tingles, and they feel just pleasant. Almost like sand is being poured down your spine. [Or] like when you get the funny elbow, when you hit it and it feels like it just goes off everywhere.”

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Didn't work for me. I'm going to keep trying though, it sounds like an excellent payoff.

Can't understand a thing... makes me want to punch her in the face.I guess you can't be deaf to get the effect.

I saw this article when i was finishing work yesterday - i didn't watch, just heard her voice (the way she talks to get that voice makes me want to punch her in the face as well :) and it made me extremely sleepy and i felt little tingling on my scalp, specially when the noise related to hair/ combing hair (because if anyone touches my hair I feel super relaxed, i can sleep in a hairdresser's chair easily). So, i stopped when it was half done and went home. When it was time to sleep i tried again and felt nothing but slept very fast. 

My conclusion was that i didn't experience brain orgasm, but a very deep relaxation - i get the same as when i hear Melody Gardot on bedtime. 

I liked it. Now i can give Melody Gardot a rest when my head is giving me a hard time to let me sleep :) 

Just found my drug: 

No, forget about all those videos above. Specially those with mellow voices, because this guy does much better than that:

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