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Be the carbon-based lifeform in this semi-supervised machine learning environment homer simpson

Welcome to Open Mind Common Sense!Computers don't currently know the basic things about the world that we consider "common sense." Here, you can help build a database of such knowledge in simple English sentences. The computer will analyze these sentences to connect concepts and draw new conclusions from the things you teach it.

New siteWe've upgraded the Web interface to Open Mind Common Sense! This one will keep running at, but the new site is currently up at

Getting startedTo browse, type a word or two into the "Search" box, click a link on the sidebar, or see the highest-rated statements.

If you want to interact with OpenMind and teach it new things, log in to get started!

The big picture This project, Open Mind Common Sense, enables computers to learn general knowledge from ordinary people over the Web. It is the product of ongoing research by the Commonsense Computing Initiative at the MIT Media Lab. You can find related projects that other groups are working on at

The information collected by this site becomes part of ConceptNet, an open-source, multilingual semantic network of general knowledge. The reasoning is powered by Divisi, a tool for reasoning by analogy over semantic networks.

For more information and updates, visit our blog.

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What a neat hive mind project.