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Harnessing the Power of Stories, by Jennifer Aaker

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Jennifer Aaker writes at Sheryl Sanberg's website:

Studies show that we are wired to remember stories much more than data, facts, and figures. However, when data and story are used together, audiences are moved both emotionally and intellectually.

Aaker demonstrates the importance of stories in shaping how others see you and as a tool to persuade. Harnessing the power of stories will enable you to be more persuasive, move people to action, and progress into your career.

Download the discussion guide here.

I believe that storytelling is not just useful in persuading others; it is also useful in guiding ourselves.

I believe that we are the stories we tell ourselves.

So effective storytelling can lead us to become the people we want to be.

And that, in turn, can help us persuade, motivate, and guide others.

Hehe, somebody has been reading Seth Godin... 

From don't believe what you tell them.

They rarely believe what you show them.

They often believe what their friends tell them.

They always believe what they tell themselves.

And social norming tells us that sometimes people believe what everyone else is doing:

Eric Barker has a great article on building more meaning in life through storytelling:

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