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Black Mirror, the best show on TV, is now available on DirectTV!

Black Mirror on DirecTV: British drama about technology and its dangers.

"We know by now exactly what to expect from TV’s brooding antiheroes and manic heroines. In the pilot episodes of most prestige dramas, the most important message is reassurance: It may take 60 hours or so to turn Mr. Chips into Scarface, but you’re in good hands. You know what to expect. On the other hand, I haven’tthe slightest idea what to expect from a show that opens with a terrorist demanding the prime minister have intercourse with a pig on national television. But that’s how the first episode of Black Mirror begins."

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More about why you have to find a way to see Black Mirror:

"Yet the content that we binge on remains oddly uncurious about the way we're actually living on the other side of the glass. Cable channels have taken years of soaring budgets and acclaim and poured them into escapist fantasies that either glare morosely at the pastor grasp desperately at the impossibleBlack Mirror may traffic in extremity — robots, porn-strafed dystopias — but nothing about it is implausible. That's because Brooker understands the fundamental, if oft-ignored, rule of science fiction: Technology has the power to change our lives, not who we are. The savage brilliance of Black Mirror lies in the way its protagonists are no different from any of us: venal, coarse, hopeful, bored, romantic, and above all, scared. The very best episodes ("The Entire History of You," "Be Right Back") are the least cynical; they're simply unflinching in their depiction of how the world is evolving at a far greater pace than we are. We're not wrong to like, fave, tweet, and 'gram. The impulse is entirely natural, even if the tools are anything but."

One of my favorite episodes is still up on Vimeo - no need for torrents: 

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