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If Google was serious about robots, they would have bought

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Instead, they bought Boston Dynamics. 

They could still buy Roomba too and really clean up!

Google doesn't care about robots. They want the situational navigation technology.

Interesting, a huge barge, robot company, corporate jet facility, what in gods name are they up to over there!!!

They're also working on sequencing the genome, self driving cars, and scanning every book they can!

And they're experimenting with alternative energy and very high speed bandwidth.

Interesting insight from Jason that they want situational nav tech.

... and Google Earth would be able to show the world where the legs of my dining table were.

I'll be impressed and horrified when they can tell where the legs of my dogs are in real time and can route around them. 

If only iRobot had added internet/network capabilities to their 7+ million deployed robots, and when people add the Scooba, Winbot, Poolbot, Door Opener whatever next bot, then iRobot would have REALLY cleaned up. Instead, Nest - arguably Google's biggest robot acquisition.

I think the most interesting thing going on is how the Internet of Things is materializing. If you add maps of the 'big world' (Google Earth), then of the human-sized world (Google Maps, all the digitized building plans), then our experience world (wearables, all the Social Media checkins and location aware posts) and all of the tangible things and devices that we possess, trade and interact with, that's about 50% of a 'Matrix'. Now if we can add sentiment, emotion and intent into this map - I can imagine all of that being dumped into a SimSecondMineLIfeCraft that we could enter.

Dog poop bot.  I'd pay a *lot* of money to have one of those.

That would be the proverbial icing on the cake if a poop picking up robot could power itself by the very same thing it picks up.  Incidentally, dog poop, if you feed your dog any of the premium brands, has a tone of protein even after it's been completely through the digestive tracks.  Rats love the stuff--it's like Rat cuisine foie gras.  

I was thinking more like this:


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