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Science-Backed Things That Make You Happier

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Draw pictures of unhealthy food.

Studies have shown that eating high-calorie comfort foods can make your happier. The downside is this will also make you fat.

As an alternative, a study published in the Journal of Behavioral and Brain Science in May 2013 found that simply drawing pictures of foods high in fat, like cupcakes or pizza, and foods that taste sweet, like strawberries, can also boost your mood. The positive reactions were independent of subjects' weight and hunger level.

"These results extend a growing body of biobehavioral research on the positive impact of food images on mood by showing that this impact can be applied to enhance mood when expressing food images through art," the researchers concluded.

32 more tips here:

Also, putting things in your online shopping cart, on your blog, or on your Pinterest board gives you the same "satisfied" feeling as if you had bought them.

Wait, here's another: 

Be both an optimist and a realist.


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People who have the positive attitude of optimists paired with the rational outlook of realists tend to be more successful and happy, according to psychology researcher Sophia Chou.

That's because so-called "realistic optimists" have the perfect blend of personality types to succeed. Unlike idealists, they are willing to face challenging situations with a clear view of reality, but will use creativity and a positive outlook to try to work their way out of the problem.

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How does a person become a realistic optimist?

This sounds like the perfect question for Eric Barker.

Maybe this is a start:

Stay informed but understand that nothing is "the end of the story."  Trends are temporary.  Consider how you yourself can initiate change.  Remind yourself of past successes, yours and others.  

That's a good start.

Optimism = Hope for the best

Realism = Prepare for not the best

I like to think I'm a realistic optimist :) but the realist in me thinks the optimist might be too optimistic in thinking so ;)

So then you're an optimistic realist!

realist half full half empty demotivation meme I think this is piss imgur

I wonder if "half full" would still be happy if he knew what he was half full of. 

Definitely, cause he's an optimist :)

How does an optimist get happy carrying urine?

Than you're a realist ;)

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