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Venture capitalist proposes California 2.0, a plan for six new states | PCWorld

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I think California is too large and geographically diverse to be effectively run as a unitary state, but I don't buy that 6 is a good number ... 3 or 4 states make more sense to me, or reorganization as a some sort of federation.

Jason, what would be your organizing principle?

I think it's going to be hard to get a majority of the state to go along with splitting the state up.

Most Californians I talk with have a huge sense of California pride that goes along with being the biggest state.

I've long said that the most powerful social conflict is between urban and rural and nowhere is this more stark and overt than in California.  Since the ruralist side has definitively lost the battle here and is completely at the mercy of the urban/coastal elite, with all the resentment that implies, I think you'll find secessionism to get more and more traction outside of SF and LA regardless of notions of 'pride'.

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