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Russian fitness instructor Anastacia Sokolova - proper form for deadlifts

Anastacia Sokolova deadlift gif working out glutes in yoga pants Russian fitness instructor


Thank you mrcheryl for making this gif.

Deadlifts are a whole-body exercise.

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Anastacia Sokolova has excellent form.

Anastacia Sokolova treadmill gif yoga pants hot ass Russian fitness instructor tumblr Imgur

Slow motion:

Anastacia Sokolova slow motion gif treadmill yoga pants dat ass tumblr Imgur

Source is 0:43, 14:55, and 15:15 in this video:

A search on Bing for Anastacia Sokolova only finds the following:

Anastacia Sokolova

Anastacia Sokolova

Anastacia Sokolova

Do Russian fitness videos tend to use the same camera techniques?

Here's another:

russian dead lifts squats gif Imgur hot babe weightlifting

And another:

personal pussy trainer gif Imgur hot Russian Romanian dead lifts weightlifting

Anastascia Ana Sokolova chin-ups gif hot tumblr pull ups imgur

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