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Anna Koshmal (Summer Glau?) Sand Painting gif

anna koshmal sand painting gif summer glau hot russian Imgur

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Anna Koshmal does kind of look like Summer Glau:

Summer Glau laughing gif Imgur hot like Anna Koshmal

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From a Russian TV series:

Her name is Anna Koshmal.

His name is Bobinskayaevjqzki. Pronounced Bob.

Anna Koshmal is also the woman singing in this video:

Wait, we can go even more sophomoric:

anna koshmal sand painting gif dickbutt Imgur


anna koshmal sand painting gif dick butt Now this guy is getting laid Imgur

Reddit comments:


telegram dick butt gif dickbutt imgur

Thanks StickleyMan for making this gif from Grandma's Boy:

someones ass getting laid tonight gif Grandmas Boy Imgur

The dickbutt gif above (from the Russian television show Matchmakers 6 in which the outline of Dick Butt emerges from a student’s wood shaving art piece) is an important moment in the history of the meme.

That's according to Know Your Meme:

Anna Koshmal:

anna koshmal

anna koshmal

Anna Koshmal - Imgur

Anna Koshmal - Imgur

Compare with Summer Glau:

Summer Glau looks like Anna Koshmal hot Imgur

More Summer Glau:

Ford Mustang GT500 and Anna Koshmal:

And then there's this:

And then there's this. 

Not sure how this is related but it was linked in one of the above threads.

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