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Steve Jobs and Bill Gates discuss the PC's future at Jobs' Palo Alto home in 1991.

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Great comment from Reddit:

I love this picture because it's a great representation of the dichotomy between the two. Gates, the developer of the enormously business-centric operating system, appears well kept in a button down shirt, slacks and loafers; Jobs on the otherhand is relaxing in an easy-chair with a loose sweater, jeans and no shoes.

Even their posture speaks volumes about their mentality.

Steve Jobs pre-black turtlenecks liked to go barefoot. Even in business meetings. Like a hobbit.

The photo is from a 1991 Fortune magazine interview:

The chairs cost $6000 btw:

Bill Gates looks like Michael Bolton of Office Space.

Michael Bolton office space gif Bill Gates Imgur

"We come to it at last. The great battle of our time."

Steve Jobs Bill Gates Lord of the Rings meme Imgur

Where's Waldo?

Steve Jobs wheres Waldo meme Imgur

Needs glasses:

Steve Jobs wheres Waldo meme Imgur

Last time I checked, Waldo was taking a dirt nap... but his company lives on.

I often wonder how many of the wealthiest and most successful people of history that are now dead would change places in a heartbeat with a living, homeless person at this very moment?

I'm guessing all of them would, Rob.

Well then, isn't that something to consider before barking up the wrong tree?

Yes. If only it were easier to know when we're barking up the wrong tree!

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