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Star Wars: "Call Me Maybe"

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If you're like me, you've been amused by the Obama version of "Call Me Maybe".

And the Star Wars version of "Somebody I Used to Know".

So it was a matter of time before we married the concepts.

Presenting... Star Wars Call Me Maybe. :)

Yes, yes I know I extended the meme after Cookie Monster, Chocolate Rain dude, and everyone else already covered it...


I know, right? Worth a few minutes of my life, at least. :)

so cool. yeah, so worth it.

Call me, or call me not. There is no maybe.

Yoda meme call me or call me not there is no maybe Imgur funny

haha! i rolled my eyes the other day when my friend gave me the there-is-no-try line... i wish i had seen this hilarious yodaism I could have used as a light comeback!

You will have the yodaism for the next time, Emily.

Yoda funny quote

haha!  i love this.

Me too!

Star Wars funny lolcat

eeeeek!!  too cute!!  i sure hope that tiny kitten is named yoda.  (i love the cat bad grammar and the yoda mixed together!)

Heh heh, the bad grammar is called lolspeak and it's been on the Internet since 2006.

Lolcats are changing the English language:

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