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Bullet Journal: An analog note-taking system for the digital age

For all of the digital tools we have, there never seems to be The One Grand Unifying, Life-Organizer. Never. At least not for me.  

There is actually a sense of relief from #stuffthatdoesntwork provided by pen and paper.

Phone battery dead? Can't get to Google Keep. Okay, find a sticky note pad.

Saw a great idea for a garden project? Can't detail plans for world domination with Schemer. Get out a sheet of paper.

Can't tie Schemer to Keep. *grumble* Go back to the trusty notebook until you feel organized again.

I'm giving Ryder Carroll's Bullet Journal method a shot.


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Perhaps there is no such thing as one unified life organizer?

I mean, Evernote kind of wants to be that but it's so hard to get in that habit.

And I'm not sure I want to. 

The bullet journal method seems reasonable. 

I'm curious to know if it works for you. 

I suppose the habit itself is THE grand, unifying organizer and a lack of that habit drives us to take a look at another person's process. The tools we use to implement the process (habit) is most likely what is driving me mad. [SIDEBAR] I might even be able to extend this thought into a statement that no tool is needed if we only used our brain to its capacity. I already know, though, I'm not that good!

The reason I decided to implement Ryder Carroll's process is because of its simplicity and his indexing process. This what was always getting lost for me. For example, I would hear about a book I wanted to read and write it down somewhere, usually on a sticky note. The stick note would sit on my desk until it lost its sticky. Or, if I wrote it in my planner, I'd forget about it because I never indexed what what was in my planner. So it would get buried in ideas of days past. Ryder Carroll's process solves that issue.

I went forward and splurged on a $3 notebook for my Bullet Journal. I've committed to 30 days. Well, I'm challenging myself to 30 days. I'll keep you posted!


Bullet Journal Day 4 Update

I've stuck to my plan to use Ryder Carroll's Bullet Journal process. To give myself a fighting chance, it should be noted, the Journal must go with me everywhere. Otherwise, I then have to remember to write something in the Journal. This is (A) BAAaaad and (B) no different than an online app designed to manage tasks and keep one organized. It reduces me to a disorganized sloth at best when I have to always remember to write something somewhere.

The beauty of the IRL, physical Journal, its primary utility, is that it can go with me just about everywhere.

I'm still getting used to how I "should" be using the Journal but I've shelved the "must" until the end of the month when I can begin filling in the index and watch Ruder Carroll's video again.

So I do not lose track of important tasks, and not overwhelm myself I do three things: Go in with the idea that all I have to do is "write it down" to get it out of my head. Star judiciously. When an item is marked with a Star it is IMPORTANT. The whole world cannot possibly be important. Review the day and the days past to move tasks forward and for new ideas

One more thing, if I make it through actually keeping this thing, and after I use up this notebook, I'm going to look for a similar graph paper notebook with thicker paper. This paper is so thin the ink shows through to the other side.

Until next time,

Be well!

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