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Maligned when not ignored, Undressed still made MTV history · The A.V. Club

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Some TV shows make it to 100 episodes thanks to high ratings. Others make it because critical praise interferes with network attempts to pull the plug. Other times, a vocal fan base helps a cult hit defy the odds. Undressed falls into none of those categories, yet produced 222 episodes despite never having performed well for MTV or having found a devoted audience to advocate for its continued existence. It was a show whose importance laid less in what it actually produced and more in what it helped facilitate. Undressed has praiseworthy attributes, but its real impact came from its place in television history. Whether it intended to do so is irrelevant; the half-hour soap opera took the “real” out of The Real World,making way for the scripted reality programs that dominate the current TV landscape.

222 episodes?! Wow! Are they available on the Web?

(And/or are they available on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon streaming, Google Play, or iTunes?)

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