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Internet of Things and Smart Bombing Cancer and Alzheimer's Disease

Interesting predictions from @mashable especially the pull back from social media and smartphones. http://


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Most of the Mashable article was yawn for me, but I did like this link to smart bombing cancer and Alzheimer's:

Ah Adam you made me laugh - ah the post you linked has merit.

Thanks Ashie -- is it okay if we add that to the title of this page too so we can search for it?

Titles can be changed by clicking on them.

Sure ... do I need to change the title? .. let me know what needs to be called. I am assuming you talking of "Internet of Things" or "digital"... learning my way around Pandawhale please go ahead if you want to change the title or add something. 

Thanks Ashie -- I add words to titles to make it easier to search for them.

For example, I added "Smart Bombing Cancer and Alzheimer's Disease" to the title of this page.

Then when we have tens of thousands of pages it's easier to find thus one. :)

Great Adam thanks for showing me the trick 

Happily, Ashie!