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Ashie S Hirji

I am a digital entrepreneur, digital-tech activist, new media content strategist creator. I am currently working on a cool digital fashion start-up (and in search for a financier -equity partner) I believe in digital education for all and protecting our environment, oceans, seas, protection of wildlife and human rights.Prior to 2001 I worked in the perfume and cosmetic sector, I love this sector.

In 2002 my journey began in the new media sector.

I believe in digital innovation and inclusion. For the last several years I have been speaking of cyber threats & dangers in the digital landscape bringing awareness, at the same time I am working with technologists to find a solution for online protection and privacy rights solutions from an end point of view for innocent children,women and innocent humanity including activists who are also at risk as we bridge the digital divide. My focus since 2004 has on equal accessibility within the digital education and new media sector.

As I like luxury sector I will also post things that are beautiful here and anything that inspires my creativity. More about me

Generosity is power - One of my goodwill project is to be involved with change ethical leaders... so we can build a school...I enroll you to play it forward with us if you are inspired to impacting children and their lives ... education is the best weapon to solve today's global critical issues

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