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#NOchildlabour World Day Against Child Labour, 12 June 2014 #RedCard

Social protection is essential to help eliminate child labour. 

There are over 168 million children in child labour worldwide. More than half of them are doing work that puts their health and safety at risk. This is unacceptable. Be part of the global movement and help give children around the world a brand new start.

Extend social protection: combat child labour! World Day Against Child Labour, 12 June 2014.

Social protection is both a human right and makes sound economic and social sense. Social protection enables access to education, health care and nutrition and plays a critical role in the fight against child labour. This year, World Day Against Child Labour draws attention to the role of social protection in keeping children out of child labour and removing them from it. In 2013, at the III Global Conference on Child Labour in Brasilia, the international community adopted the Brasilia Declaration, which stresses the need for decent work for adults, free, compulsory and quality education for all children, and social protection for all. Echoing those priorities, World Day 2014 calls for: Action to introduce, improve and extend social protection, in line with the ILO Recommendation No. 202 on social protection floors.National social security systems that are sensitive to children’s needs and help fight child labour.Social protection that reaches out to especially vulnerable groups of children.   Read more about child labour and social protectionnormalized-tmp-53992c3b9dd18

On 12 June, the International World Day against Child Labour, the ILO’s Red Card campaign kicks off with an original song, 'Til Everyone Can See, by Incubus guitarist Mike Einziger and violinist Ann Marie Simpson, with featured artists Travis Barker, Minh Dang, Dominic Lewis, LIZ, Pharrell Williams, and Hans Zimmer..


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Can I protest child labor every day?

Adam, I believe we should be protesting each day. Although June 12 is set for bringing awareness and countries get involved. I am posting this via Panda Whale and I am hoping one day we can begin a cause campaign here ...this is an important cause when it comes to children and innocent women in developing countries. Stats:" While most child labour is found in the developing regions of the world, industrialized countries are not entirely free of it either. In Eastern and Central Europe, for example, child labour has been reappearing in the wake of social and economic dislocation caused by the transition to a market economy.In absolute terms, Asia, being the most densely populated region of the world, has the largest number of child workers. 61 per cent are found in Asia, 32 per cent in Africa and 7 per cent in Latin America"   The ethical integrity of companies is important to assess as business faces challenges that arise from different social and environmental responsibility issues. Child labour is one such issue that is currently impacting children in the Democratic Republic of Congo as they mine for coltan. This conflict mineral is used in many consumer electronics, which raises the issue of what consumers and companies are doing to take action against this issue.

Okay then every day I will protest.

Besides the Garment, carpet and mining industry, colton (blood diamonds) etc ... the chocolate industry is the worst.... in the name of mass consumption,acccording to estimates by World Vision Canada, as part of their campaign, 85 million children around the world toil in dangerous, dirty and degrading trades.  some consumers are concerned their products may be assembled with the blood and sweat of the helpless.The Bangladesh clothing factory collapse and claimed more than 1,100 workers. Around the world, this has impacted everything from the trade in conflict diamonds to T-shirts to the emergence of mobile apps allowing buyers to check the labour transparency of clothing brands.

I had no idea about the chocolate industry. Wow. Sad.

Diamonds have always been awful as far as I've known.

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