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Leaders Should Lead with A Compass, Not A Map

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I was excited about this interview until I realized the guy is a hired gun at Bitly.

I don't detect that he understands what it's like to really struggle.

Q. How do you hire?

A. I will start with: “Tell me your story. Where are you from? Tell me about your mom and dad. What did they do? Tell me about your brothers and sisters.” I love to hear how they tell their stories. And have they given any thought to how they tell their stories? I don’t like taking anything for granted in my personal life or my professional life, and I’m drawn to people with plans. People who make plans are much more likely to achieve them and set goals.

I like to hear about what was hard for them and where they won or lost. People with a history of success and hard work are more likely to be successful and work hard in the future. I’ll ask them, “What’s the hardest you’ve ever worked?”

Sounds like he only chooses people like himself. Monoculture.

Adam... your point of view got me to thinking I see where you coming.... from a struggling entrepreneur's

 point of view. 

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