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Reid Hoffman on Bubbles, VC Turmoil, Diversity Issues in Tech

Reid Hoffman on Bubbles VC Turmoil Diversity Issues in Tech and More Re code


What are some of the mega-trends you are seeing across the venture landscape?

Well, like I said, that selective set of companies with these oh-my-god, big-dollar deals is hard not to notice.

And, from my perspective, Silicon Valley seems again to have broadly drifted off biotech and continued to have a serious focus on software and an even more intense focus on those companies in Silicon Valley.

That said, I have noticed more deals being done globally, such as a bunch from Brazil, some more than usual in Europe. China, of course. And even across the rest of the U.S. there have been more deals that are not here within a short distance of Sand Hill Road.

In general, all the smart investors are still primarily reactive to hearing great things from entrepreneurs. I suspect that just about every firm will have to say they are in mobile and talk about the screen change, and every firm says it is focused on big data and file migration.

There’s also some sense that hardware investing is a thing again and the interest around the quantified self is interesting. But, for us, we still don’t think it makes it at a venture level.

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What I heard: "If you are in mobile and/or big data, talk to me. Otherwise, go elsewhere."

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