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Is Marissa Mayer Helping Yahoo—or Hurting the Struggling Tech Giant? | Vanity Fair

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Piece about Marissa Mayer. It's curious to see how people struggle to put public persona in boxes and how they, on the other hand try to show themselves different and strong all the time. Hell yeah, she is playing the game!

She likes to work:

At a talk at Stanford, when Mayer was asked what made her successful, her answer was simple: “I like to work.” She went on to say that, when her father, who was an environmental engineer, came to a talk she was giving at Google, people swarmed him to ask about his daughter. When they asked, “Have you ever seen Marissa talk before?,” he answered, “No. I’m Marissa’s dad. I like to work.”

That said, there are plenty of people who like to work but aren't anywhere as successful.

This part resonated with me:

She is an engineer, and engineers are revered in the Valley. She is also a “product person,” which means that she has a track record of designing Internet-based products that people want to use. Product people, such as Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, are the reigning kings and queens of today’s Valley, because, the thinking goes, all the other parts of running a company can be delegated, but the ability to innovate cannot.

I can't think of any new products that Yahoo has shipped in the year and a half that Marissa has been there.

Perhaps new products are coming in 2014?

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