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Twitter's Co-Founder Biz Stone Explains Jelly

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Think of Jelly as part search engine, part Q&A site.

Here's how it works. First, you find something in the real world that you want to know more about and take a picture it.

Once you upload it to the app, you incorporate text and add a question. You then edit the picture with cropping options to make your inquiry more specific.

The app will use your existing social network connections to answer the question for you. Stone says he wants Jelly to be the social network that prides itself on helping each other.

So it's like Instagram meets Quora?

Instructions unclear. Is this like touching a wall with an apple?

instructions unclear meme got my dick caught in a ceiling fan

Even better:

When a new product launches, take a breath. Try it. Let it simmer. When a product reaches millions, use it. Enjoy it. #donthatecreate

Source is Josh Elman:

Actually, I like my jelly with peanut butter.

peanut butter jelly time gif family guy tumblr dont be jelly gif

not my jam gif happy endings tumblr dont be jelly gif south park

Oh, Jelly is short for Jellyfish. Animals that have no brain.

"I don't think you're ready for this jelly..." ~Beyonce

I dont think youre ready for this jelly gif Beyonce

Actually, I believe the lyric comes from this song...

...but I'd have to check Rap Genius to be sure.

beyonce jelly gif boobs booty tumblr imgur rap genius dont be jelly gif

Wait, is JELLY slang for boobs or booty? Urban dictionary unclear:

Rap Genius does not say, either:

I am disappoint.

After a little digging, I found this:

Beyonce jelly Bootylicious booty hot tumblr imgur rap genius Beyonce jelly Bootylicious booty hot tumblr imgur rap genius

That would suggest that "Jelly" is Beyonce's booty.

I'm glad we got to the bottom of that.

minions BOTTOM gif Imgur

Apparently Jelly has already been used to get Mark Zuckerberg busted for texting and driving:

Can that be true?

mark Zuckerberg texting and driving meme funny jelly zuck

Oh wow, it IS true:

Well, wait... How DO you respond?

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