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Life Long Learner Relationship Building: How to Respond When Someone Doesn't Need Help

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Couldn't agree more on the power of being proactive

This is very clever:

A great thing you can do is to spend a few minutes thinking about how you could be helpful and then propose a few specific action items that you’d be willing to facilitate. I like picking 2 or 3.

Here is an example email you could send in response to an “I’m all good for now” interaction:

Hey [insert name],

Great connecting and awesome to hear things with [insert company] are going so well. I know you mentioned you’re good for now, but I did a bit more thinking about our conversation and thought I might be able to help in the following ways:

  • I have a close friend with experience in [relevant domain]. I’m happy to check if they’re open to connecting if you have any interest.
  • I looked on your site and noticed you’re hiring for [insert position]. My friend actually runs a newsletter that features startup jobs. If you want, I can see if we can get that position featured.
  • I remember you saying you’re trying to scale back on meetings in order to honor your existing commitments. I have a few email scripts you can use to gracefully say no when you don’t have the bandwidth to meet with someone. If there’s any interest in checking them out, I’m happy to send them along.

No obligation on taking me up on any of this stuff, I just wanted to get them on your radar in case they’d be helpful.

Look forward to seeing you again soon and best of luck with [impending event]!


If your goal is to provide value to someone else, there’s literally no downside to an email like this.

Best case scenario: you illuminate something that the other person takes you up on and you’re able to make their lives better…A++ for relationship building.

Worst case scenario: they’re not interested in anything you propose, but they walk away appreciating your thoughtfulness and commitment to aid their progress.

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