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Two Strikeouts in 29.2 innings.

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This statistical anomaly hasn't happened in 70 years in baseball. WTF?!

Stick that in your moneyball pipe and smoke it.

Okay... I've never watched the movie, or read the book, (and i stopped paying attention to baseball after the 1994 tantrum) but isnt' sabermetrics just using different math to come up with a better performing team? and if that math has flaws, isn't it appropriate to simply adjust the equations rather than proclaim the death of the methodology?

Sabermetrics is the use of skill-based statistics to get better results.

For example, instead of recruiting on batting average, they recruited on ability to get on base (through walks, hit-by-pitch, whatever).

Or as another example, instead of recruiting on earned run average, they recruited on field independent pitching (home runs, walks, and strikeouts).

It's never been shown scientifically that doing so actually leads to a better outcome.

By sabermetrics, Aaron Cook should be one of the worst pitchers ever. But he's not. He's actually doing exceptionally well.

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