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5 Of The Best And Worst Social Networking Trends For 2014 | Fast Company

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Just when you thought the social media world was coming to a catastrophic end, with groups of women humiliating ex-boyfriends and Justin Bieber fans pouting for pictures, the sharing economy comes into its own. Whether you want to borrow a drill from someone on your street using NeighborGoods or you're looking to book an awesome pup sitter on DogVacay, the success of Airbnb over the past few years has helped to drive home this fact: social networks are built for sharing.

If you need stuff, skills, or spaces, there are communities waiting to lend, rent, or give. There's even a new site called Rentything that is trying to help people make people money from the stuff that's collecting dust in their homes on a daily basis.

Oy. Doesn't anyone aspire to own things anymore?

Yes, and those who own aspire to share.

I aspire to do less. Then less need for sharing.

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