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How Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo!, Pinterest, Reddit, and the Dark Social drove Web traffic to a PandaWhale post...

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PandaWhale is a collection of great things we find on Facebook, Twitter, and the Web.

Yesterday my streams were teeming with many great Binders Full of Women images.

So I collected my favorites into a post called Top 10 'Binders Full of Women' Images.

I then shared the post on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Google+, and Reddit.

The result was one of our most successful posts ever. I wanted to share the numbers in case people are curious where Web traffic to PandaWhale is coming from.

Here's how our (non-organic) referral traffic in the 24 hours after that post breaks down:

1. Google: 51% (4193 through search, 2410 through Google+ properties)

2. Dark Social referrals such as email and IM: 17% (2248)

3. Pinterest: 9% (1108)

4. A single link on 6% (834)

5. Facebook: 5% (597)

6. Twitter: 1% (160)

7. All other social website referrals (blogs, etc): 11% (1391)

8. Tumblr: 0% (47)

9. Reddit: 0% (42)

Numbers 3-9 combine as Visible Social (32% of the traffic).

We cannot draw many conclusions since this is just a single data point.

Nonetheless here are some observations:

1. Alexis Madrigal is right: Much more referral traffic comes to us through Dark Social than Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr combined.

Note that our Dark Social referral percentage is much lower than Alexis'.

2. More referral traffic came to us through a single link on Yahoo News than Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr combined.

3. Google search, Google+, and Pinterest are still great referrers of traffic for PandaWhale.

Every website has different channels that help them spread; those three are our best channels.

In summary, here's the Growth Hack: Find the channels that are inclined to share, and then give users of those channels great things to share.

One more thing: I've never figured out what the Reddit community wants.

Aint Nobody Got Time for That gif

Ain't nobody got time for that.


Thanks Jared -- it's a lot of fun to remix the Web!

So look for more posts-assembled-with-pieces-from-lots-of-places from me in the future.

Like the Top 10 cutest animal images on PandaWhale.

Only better, stronger, fiercer, and more full of emotion!

Maybe the growth hack is that "top" lists work.

I wonder how those Top lists drive conversations.

People enjoy contributing to the lists.

So I might have started with a top 10 but we ended up with closer to 40 images!

/r/Politics was probably the wrong place for your submission; a quick look over the current top 100 there doesn't show a single 'funny images' item.

Might some of the 'dark social' also be clicks from Twitter clients? Or referrer-blinded clicks from people using other sites (including perhaps Twitter or Facebook) over HTTPS?

(And should we expect a PandaWhale pivot to competing with Buzzfeed in 5... 4... 3... 2... ...?)

This is why Reddit confuses me. Not sure which subreddits would most enjoy the content.

I'm guessing that yes some of those Dark Social refers are https click throughs and Twitter clients.

Compete with BuzzFeed? No. We won't hire editors. And we're not really about viral content even though some viral content fascinates us.

Haha, the ending of this post is so random and hilarious. Genius!!

Thanks Semil. You never know on PandaWhale when things are going to take a turn toward to random and hilarious. ;)

Now, who wants to be a millionaire?

sparta Millionaire lol

trolling Millionaire lol

SNL Millionaire lol

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