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New facial recognition app NameTag by FacialNetwork ‘creepy’, says kids entertainer Raffi

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new facial recognition app that allows anyone to instantly look up social media and dating profiles of someone whose photo they snap has been denounced by Canadian privacy watchdogs as “creepy” and “dangerous.”

Creators of the app, called NameTag, say it can spot a face using Google Glass’ camera or an Android phone, send it to a server, compare it to millions of online records and in seconds return a match complete with a name, additional photos and social media profiles.

The developer,, says it is working on making the system compatible with dating sites such as, and, and that it will also be able to identify people with a criminal history.

Facebook already knows who's likely to be in pictures uploaded.

One step closer to Minority Report.

much like the security researcher that showed when people were not home. I wonder who will be the person that publicly combines facial recognition technology with all the nudity pictures there are.  

There are already teams of Redditors on some of the nastier subreddits who do this manually.

More frightening, Google reverse image search does some of it automatically.

Manual efforts will pale compared to a good app, though, right?  I thought google image search was only for finding other instances of the same photo...not recognizing the face. 

Google now finds similar images. It clearly does face recognition.

Motivated Redditors are competitive with software. It's scary how good they are at tracking down people.